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他们在15个国家都设有服务器。 Celo VPN的用户评价63%是正面的。
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Celo VPN 评论

在今日的VPN世界中,要看到一个被许多人喜爱,同时也被许多人讨厌的VPN并不会不常见。好,或许讨厌这个词太强烈,但Celo VPN在用户间的评价确实有好有坏。
Celo这个字是源自拉丁语言,意思是躲藏、隐匿或保密。Celo VPN经过了漫长的努力,如今在世界各地已服务了无数的客户。身为以客为尊的Celo通过经验丰富的团队与训练有素且致力给予用户优质支持的专业人士,来为用户提供安全可靠又经济实惠的服务。Celo VPN的服务器在世界上大约6个主要国家中广泛的架设。

Max Ostryzhko

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Personally I think that a two-day trial period is not enough to know exactly whether you will be using a VPN service provider. With Celo VPN, this just frustrated me.
Unlike other VPNs, Celo VPN provides for an excellent way where you can talk to the customer care team using social media. This is a great way to keep your VPN services running uninterrupted.
I have used a good number of VPNs over the years and the download and upload speeds that the Celo VPN offer are just not the best. They are good but not good enough.
I have been using Celo VPN for some time now and every year I save some cash due to the annual plan that I chose to rely on. Monthly plans do not work for me as I am a heavy internet user.
The live support system that Celo VPN uses is unique. They respond immediately when I request them for assistance. For that matter, this will be my all-time VPN provider and will take no chances with other providers.
The yearly price package that the Celo VPN offers keeps me smiling from January to December. But, they should lower their package for monthly plans as you never know when funds die out.
I understand that Celo VPN is based in Australia and as part of a peace treaty agreement, the provider could share my personal information. I am therefore uncertain about whether or not my details with the provider will be safe in the long run.
When using Celo VPN, I never have to wait for ages before my torrents begin seeding. The speeds are just dependable. At times I also enjoy streaming online content at such similar speeds without any buffers.



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